FOR SALE AD - 155/80 R13 Cooper Winter tires WITH RIMS - $250
Perfect for a 1991/1992 Toyota Corolla. Bought brand new 2 years ago and used lightly for 1 and a half winters. They still have most of their tread left on them and they come with rims, so it's a cinch swapping over to winter tires when the time comes.

My apologises if its a dumb question, I'm a noob. From the photos, it looks like its a "4 lug" wheel.
Any idea if this set of Wheels will mount onto my '86 Camry (1st Gen)?

I only know my current wheels are "185/70R13 .86T" (Front) and ""P185/70R13 .85S" (Rear).
No idea if its a "4 lug" or "5 lug".
Thank you!