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Thread: need info fast

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    need info fast

    hi everyone,
    I'm currently rebuilding my L20s (six cylinder) from my c31 laurel 1983-84 model
    I really need the torque specs for the hex head bolts and the crank caps bolts
    help is really appreciated
    the head bolts are black and stamped with number 13 on top :?
    I already torqued them in sequence 1) 20 2)40
    but I feel like 40 is too low since I had to use a steel bar to crack them loose the first time!!

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    Re: need info fast

    I can remember my book for the 260Z quoted between 33 and 40 for the main bearing caps and the conrod big-ends. I too thought it was a bit low but its what was printed in the factory service manual :?

    That book will also have head bolt specs but its at home and I'm at work :lol:
    I'm sure someone can remember them off top of their head.

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    Re: need info fast

    According to factory manual....

    Head bolts:
    Up to March 71 production 6.0 - 7.0kg-m (43 - 51ft-lb) straight bolt and washer
    From April 71 production 7.0 - 8.5 (51 - 61) hex bolt

    Main bearing cap:
    4.5 - 5.5kg-m (33-40ft-lb)

    Connecting rod cap nut:
    M9 size bolt 4.5-5.5kg-m (30-40ft-lb)

    M8 bolt 3.7-4.3 (27-31)

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