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Thread: New guy... RA40 Celica GT coupe

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    New guy... RA40 Celica GT coupe

    I picked this up in Cleveland, Ohio last month for $800...

    Its an all original 1980 Celica GT/5speed Sports Coupe

    All I've added, is Panasport FS 14x8 0-offset wheels.

    I have full service records from 1980 on, and full record of each owner I am the 3rd, 1st owner had it til march of 09' then my buddy got it for 2 months, then it became mine!!

    I've owned 2 lightly modded 1985 MR2's that I've autocrossed bringing home cups. my parents bought 1982 Celicas brand new, one baby blue coupe GT(mom), one red hatch GT (dad) and ever since I had seen photos of them in old albums, I've been in love.

    Enough chat, here it sits, un-restored, running perfectly, with 230,000 miles on everything, and its been a daily driver, Toyota dealer maintained since she was new, paints original, body panels are original, and shes never been in an accident.

    Remember... $800 people. Hunt and you shall find lol. I waited 3.5-4 years to find this baby.

    Pics will be in the next post because of 1st post forum rules on URL's

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    nice car man, pic"s of the inside of the car and engine and trunk.

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    You got it for a steal! And one with provenance too... I'm jealous!

    What are your plans for it?

    Welcome to JNC!

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