Hello everyone,

it's been some time since I last visited this forum. I've been restoring and modifying my 240Z for several years now. The car was up and running (slowly) until a few months ago, when I discovered that it began to rust all over again, and that the body repairs carried out by a friend's garage were botched (to say the least). Some weren't carried out at all, like the passenger side frame rail just under the battery tray, which began rusting from the inside as a result of a leaky battery.

I was younger and much more foolish than I am now, but on the bright side I learned an important lesson. Needless to say, I have to strip my car down all over again, which means I'll need some reproduction body parts. Otherwise I'll have to sell the car (I don't think I have the strength to disassemble it again) or dump it in the river. If after the second round of repairs the shell is still eaten by rust, I'll set the bloody thing on fire. That's why this time round I need to do it once and do it properly.

I noticed that Fourways Engineering in the UK sell high quality parts, but aren't exactly cheap. While I'm willing to spend top money on good parts, I'd like to do some research before I make my choice. I'm probably going to need new sills, floorboards and possibly frame rails. What is the best place I can source these parts from? I'd like to keep the shell factory-looking to avoid any suspicion during tech inspections at my local trackdays.