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Thread: 1971 Mazda Rx2 (T-Dash)

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    1971 Mazda Rx2 (T-Dash)


    Some of you may have seen this car build on ausrotary, but i thought id post it as well here for all genuine Jcar fans,

    I have a 1971 rx2 coupe t-dash, it’s been a major project that has been running for almost 3 years now, I have had some ups and downs with the car but I haven’t given up on it.

    Always liked rx2s and after a brief stint in a ratty series 3, I knew I wanted to one day restore one.
    So I originally purchased this car in July 2008; the owner he had plans to turn it in a NC race car. He had it sandblasted and ready to seam weld/ panel repair.

    As you can see from the pictures it had it the usual problems but overall it wasn’t that bad.
    So I brought it, but I was not quite sure of what I was getting myself into!

    And slowly worked my way to pay for rust repairs and respray.

    Pre sand blasting pics,

    Post sandblasting pics
    showing the worst areas

    Somehow managed to hunt down someone in melbourne who had a intact whole original flat boot section off to replace mine, the Car was in a front end crash, so he angled grinded his rear end up as a replacement for mine.

    So I collected a lot of parts during the 2008 to 2011 period, restored some bits (some of which are still going) grew more confident and learned more and more about cars, looking back I realised I knew so little.

    (on a side note i went to Japan during that period, holy cow that place is amazing!)

    Got in touch with the very kind Jason Humble of NC historic racing in early 09 and managed to score his old race 12a twin dizzy engine plus some other neat gear, thanks Jason!

    By then the project started taking direction, I realised I pretty much wanted an NC race car for the street, having a period correct look with good quality equipment.

    So the last few months I have been inspired and motivated again to work on the car now the panel work has finally finished.

    Here it is resprayed in original WP nova white, the weekend I got it back, washed it out, and cavity waxed all critical areas.

    So anyway, here is the equipment list I have collected so far:

    12a twin dizzy Bridgeport race engine:

    • SCR apex seals/springs
    • 3mm RX7 rotors
    • Under drive pulley
    • Handmade locked twin distributor (electronic with Mazda modules)
    • Bosh MEC717 Coils
    • Billet aluminium flywheel with spray on steel surface
    • Custom made 8.5” clutch/pressure plate
    • 48 Ida Weber carburettor with extended fuel bowl

    12a twin dizzy gearbox;

    • Rx2 Twin dizzy bell housing and rebuilt starter motor
    • Rebuilt gearbox with Rx4 ratio set installed
    • Custom made short shifter

    Diff & Wheels;

    • 4.375 final ratio diff
    • Rebuilt Mazda 24 spline 2 way LSD
    • 13” 6.5J front/ 13” 7J Watanabe wheels (4x110)!!
    • 205/60r13 Toyo Proxes r888 semi slicks

    Supension & Brakes

    • Powder coated front suspension assembly rebuilt with superpro bushes and 555 gear
    • Front and rear coilover setup
    • Volvo rebuilt callipers/vented rotors for front with axle stiffening spacers
    • Bump steer spacers
    • Brand new NTN wheel bearings all round

    Still a heap of parts to be bought as the project comes along but it’s a good start.

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    Re: 1971 Mazda Rx2 (T-Dash)

    more pics of goodies:

    - Gumby's old race engine, ready to go, can’t wait to start this puppy

    - Original engine, was a runner apparently, have a Mazda rebuild kit for it anyway, just need 6mm carbon seals

    -Rebuilt Volvo girling calipers,

    -Rebuilt my Weber 48 IDA carb this weekend, after a complete strip down. New jets in it to suit my engine. Has extended fuel bowl and a few secret squirrel mods done.

    13" watanabe wheel in 4x110 (bloody hard to find!)

    -fixed up my grill the other week, re painted and polished badges/trim

    I have heaps of stuff, but it’s all wrapped up to protect from dust, so I guess ill post up some pics as I re-assemble my car.

    Anyways thanks, I’ll keep you guys posted as I go on.

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    Re: 1971 Mazda Rx2 (T-Dash)

    Lovely...can't wait to see more. I like the idea of you creating a period correct race car theme but can also be used on the street.

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    Re: 1971 Mazda Rx2 (T-Dash)

    Fantastic keep the updates coming

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    Re: 1971 Mazda Rx2 (T-Dash)

    Awesome coupe mate, keep the updates coming.

    Love the wheels, would consider swapping one of my kids for those :wink:

    Keep up the great work!!

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    Re: 1971 Mazda Rx2 (T-Dash)

    Hey Benn... don't want to say too much in this guys build but there are 2 Mazda PCD Hayashi's like on the front his Rx2 for sale as well as a pair of 13" Mazda Watanabe's which would look nice on any Rx2 coupe especially if you want that old period JDM race car look. Possibly buy 2 new and 2 used or hold out for another pair to come up. ... enlargeimg

    Rx2 coupes are a nice car, I regret not taking up an offer of 2 free ones offered to me in the late 80's. I instead decided to just take te running gear out of the cars... live and learn !

    .......Should turn out to be a nice car, I really like what you are up too

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    Re: 1971 Mazda Rx2 (T-Dash)

    Agreed hayashis are a great looking wheel and you don’t see many Mazda’s running on them,

    Quote Originally Posted by gypsy
    Hayashi's like on the front his Rx2
    Those 2 wheels up front aren't genuine Hayashi Street Crs, they are a very close copy,

    So close in fact I used to run them with my other two genuine hayashis (13",7j) on the back of a series 1 rx7, looked pretty sweet,

    bottom line is that a 110 pcd Mazda stud pattern is rare enough and on a sought after jap rim, they are going to cost a pretty penny, but oh so worth it!

    As for updates, well I have put this car on the back burner, as I have another project I must knock over quickly, (a datsun????)

    Anyways thanks for the comments guys,

    And feel free to check out my other build in my signature, and hopefully that project will motivate me to work even harder on this car.

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