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Thread: Spark plug question?

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    Spark plug question?

    Just a question about spark plugs.
    The engine I have is a 12a 6 port and its had mild porting I think , the spark plug I think it should take is a BUR9EQ is this right?

    PS the eye brow is still on the plug holes.
    Stu.. :idea:

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    Re: Spark plug question?

    Here's a link to NGK specs for plugs:

    Generally the BUR series plugs came standard in the turbo engines -
    13BT and 20BT, BUR7 or 8 EQ(leading) and BUR9EQ(trailing).

    In my 13B secondary bridge, I'm running B9EGV. If it was an everyday driver then I
    would probably run a slightly hotter plug - 7 or 8(leading), to stop them fouling.

    There are lots of different plugs to suit your car, from 1 to 4 electrodes.
    Take your pick.

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    Re: Spark plug question?

    Thanks for that. I need a long plug because of the eye brows on top of the holes.

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