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Thread: Looking at a 79 280ZX

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    Looking at a 79 280ZX

    Hi Datsun/Nissan aficionados,

    As a nostalgic Honda man myself I'm a little out of my depth on this one, so I thought to myself "who better to ask than the learned folks on JNC?"

    As the title says I'm looking at purchasing a '79 280ZX 5 speed manual to give me something JNCish to drive to work everyday instead of the commondoore I drive at the moment.

    It's an old man's car, sheepskin seat covers and all, and he has been disqualified from driving so needs to sell. It has had a reconditioned motor (L28???) fitted, has efi and is a manual.

    The body is sound (ie no rust), interior is good, and mechanically the car is excellent.

    My dilemma is, he has said to make an offer, now I have no idea what this thing is worth. It is unmolested, so checking going prices is a no go coz I can't find an unmodified version for sale, and I don't want to offer too much or too little.

    I'm in Australia, so help me out please guys.


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    Re: Looking at a 79 280ZX

    if its emaculate i would start with $4500 to $5000. he can only say no

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    Re: Looking at a 79 280ZX

    I'd low ball but that's me. Im going to guess it is a 2+2. I'd start at 2500. U could get lucky

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