Hello everyone!

I just picked up a 70 KE17 Sprinter with an automatic. It has some minor issues.

1.Rust on driver's side fender. Can you still buy new fenders for this rolla?

2.No key/s, ignition tumbler lock is missing. I need one with key/s and door tumbler locks for the two doors and the trunklid.

3.I need new door, windshield and backglass gaskets too.

4.Hood would not open because the hood release cable is broken. I need a good used or new one.

5.Mine came with a clock in place of a tachometer so I need this one too.

6.Taillights are faded. Anyone have nice ones.

7.I would like to change the slushbox to a 5 speed. I asked a few guys and they told me get the later 4K or 5K motor and use the head from this motor and get the 5 speed from a KP61 Starlet? I have also seen the KE1X Sprinters in this site with 2/3T motors and T50 5 speed, how easy it is to drop these on my car? I need the clutch pedal and the clutch cable + ancilliaries.

Pics to follow, still have not figured out how to transfer photos from my IPhone to my windows pc.


1970 KE17 Sprinter
2005 Corolla LE