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Thread: Why not jnc three wheelers?

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    Why not jnc three wheelers?

    I'm quite a big trike fan lately, as they are cheap and quite fun to ride and not really anymore dangerous than a quad imo

    Here is one iof mny gems. Bad pics, I will toss some daylight pictures, but it;s basically the revolutionary trike.

    The first real racing 3 wheeler. It's a 1981 honda 250r. It has a Basani pipe on it, and not much else other than a 3inch extension and 3inch wheel spacers. It's quite a ride and you really cant keeop the front tire off the ground in first gear if you stab it. Quite a bit more pipey than a stock trike.

    I also have 2 atc70s and 3 atc110s.

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    Re: Why not jnc three wheelers?

    One day, these might be sporty...

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