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Thread: HID conversion problem

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    HID conversion problem

    so the guy that owned the hakosuka before me did some kind of mod where he upgraded the headlights (added empty glass buckets with H4 bulbs just for the mains) and ran some relays inline. I'm assuming they were to help power the H4 bulbs he ran.

    well i had an HID kit just laying around and decided to install them yesterday.

    tonight was the first time I've driven with them on and when i change from low to high's my radio dies, then comes back on in a few seconds.
    I'm sure its because the HID's are drawing too much power, has anyone else installed HID's in their old school Jtin?? if you did, did you have the same problem I'm having and how did you counter it?

    I'm currently running an Optima Red top
    Kenwood head unit, my + wire is right off the battery, the acc is off some random wire that was getting power at acc (maybe my sprayer??)
    i know that theres a whole harness just for the stereo, but my car was missing a lot of the small shit when i bought it so I've had to go in and patch a lot of wiring and get rid of a lot of inline splices etc.

    the only thing i can think to do is upgrade the alternator, OR just dump the HID setup. i can just go buy new H4 bulbs (i really wanted the blue-er headlights anyway, i think the lenses look really nice with that little bit of blue showing through)

    either way, anyone have any ideas on this?
    as always, Thanks


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    Re: HID conversion problem ... ntry933113

    for anyone else with this problem, I've found this solution, and will be looking into getting the stuff to try this conversion. i will star with upgrading the wiring and adding a distro block for my accessories.

    i would prefer to get an alternator locally from the junk yard, has anyone tried maybe an RB25 alternator? I'm pretty sure i can find one of those really easily here in northern JP.

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    Re: HID conversion problem

    voltage regulator came loose somehow.. its all working perfect now, though i may still do the wire upgrades, and maybe look for a better alternator.

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