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Thread: 1982 Toyota Carina TA60

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    look like your carina is in super clean condition

    we have them a lot here in my place, would like to see yours in progress, that headlight for sure will look awesome :tu:

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    nice condition. :tu: we have those quite a lot here in finland,all of them also 2t engined.i have had about 10 *a-6* coupes in almost 20 years and i still have has been from year 1995,heres couple of pics of it
    hope you have the turning lamps for the grille also,those are hard to find.
    the headlights are universal model.nearest carparts store propably has those for you,they are not expensive.


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    Is your car similar to this? It looks similar from some angles but im not 100% sure considering how many different versions of the same cars there was worldwide...

    If its the same car, parts are plentiful in Australia where they were known as the Toyota Corona. I dont think any mechanicals will be shared though - at the time there was Local Content Percentages which meant, from memory, 80% of the parts hard to be sourced/build in australia. As a result the australian one had a borg warner rear end and gearbox, 2S engine etc..

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    Wow, this Carina-generation is by far the rarest here, they must be completely extinct now. :shock:

    Very nice car, you can show more pictures anytime! :wink:

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    Wow, I never realised your one had such low kms Banpei!

    Looks great in those pics.

    I'm a hoarder by nature, so generally dont like to dip into my spares, but I miiiiggggghhhhhtttt have some spare indicators and replacements for the rusty headlight backing pieces for you, if you get desperate.

    I need an AA63 cluster, because 4AGE is the only engine that came in the carin which had a speedo signal going to the ECU...

    My motor throws a tanty if it doesnt get speedo signal, usually down by about 20hp.

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    No I dont sorry... Although it's pretty easy to look at the back of the printed circuit, and trace each plug pin, to where it goes on the back of the cluster... Some of them have the names marked of what they are, and some of them are obvious, like the earths.

    Does the AA63 cluster have different plugs or something?

    I had a TA63 dash cluster that I plugged straight into AA60, worked fine straight away.

    Speedo signal problem is just a 'thing' with beams motors, they dont like not having it... Perhaps they fine tune the cam/ignition timing based on the amount of varying load/resistance/drag of the car travelling at various speeds or something.

    The 4AGE engine, and most engines of that era onwards take a signal from the tacho, to the ECU to make the speed cut work, and maybe other things depending on how sophisticated they were at the time.

    The speedo signal comes from the gearbox cable, goes to the dash, then the dash outputs a digital signal back to the ECU.

    So as best I can tell, 4AGE dash cluster from carina is going to be the easiest solution to that problem, as it's the only engine which came in carina which had a speed cut.

    Either that or getting aftermarket ECU, which is inevitable anyway I guess.

    No way of going over 8000rpm with the factory ECU. :twisted:

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