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Thread: Pictures from my work

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    Pictures from my work

    I've spent the last year working in a car museum of sorts, which is basically working for a gajillionaire that has a car buying addiction. I spend half of my time cleaning/detailing and the other half driving the cars. Had to disconnect something near the ceiling the other week, so we turned on the main lights and I took a few pictures. They're all bigger than the 800x800 pixels so you'll have to click links, sorry.
    There are also satellite rooms around the main room that are car type specific/theme rooms
    south half of the small car room
    some of the mustang room
    half of the caddy room, some great looking cars and some...uhh...needtobeblownupandputoutofthemisery cars
    1929 Model J Duesenberg anyone?
    I will run your Prius over and laugh.
    without the main room lights on
    If you guys want pictures from my Batmobile adventures, I have a handful, but they're all in car that I took while rollin.

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    Re: Pictures from my work

    That's an amazing gig! Does the general public have access?

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    Re: Pictures from my work

    That's a big heap of goodness.
    I'll be using these pics to prove to
    my wife that we really dont have too many cars...

    Thanks :tu:

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    Re: Pictures from my work


    This is incredible. I always love seeing pictures of giant collections like these. Thank you for sharing!

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    Re: Pictures from my work

    my two favorites? the old lifted dodge and chevy trucks... got some red neck in 'em, eh?

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    Re: Pictures from my work

    do you need anyone to work with you? a nice new college?

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    Re: Pictures from my work

    Wow, to have too much money. That's quite the collection! My garage would be filled with old Japanese, Swedish and Czech cars. Haha

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