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Thread: Hoarders car crushing

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    Hoarders car crushing

    I dont know if anyone watches the show Hoarders but yestersday they had an episode on that turned my stomach. There was a guy in Cali that had 150 acres and was being fined by the county because he had too many vehicles on his property. He ended up allowing some cars to be crushed and taken away. Among the cars were 2 mid 80's Toyota minivans. ONe looked in good condition. 2 early 80's Subaru station wagons a 75-77 Celica liftback and a 68-70 Datsun roadster. I literally got sick to my stomach watching them be destroyed. Im sure that there are those of us out there would have been willing to take them off his hands.

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    Re: Hoarders car crushing

    Yea I saw that too. He probably had a lot more you couldn't see. Looks like the Liftback survived. It was funny watching all their equipment getting stuck in the mud.

    Those laws are dumb. The guy is in the forest on his private land , who can see? Probably some eco-terrorist neighbor.

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