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Thread: Toyota Meet and BBQ... maybe even dyno pulls

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    Toyota Meet and BBQ... maybe even dyno pulls

    Quote Originally Posted by MOmo, from another forum
    Where: VIP Performance- 8216 NE Sacramento ST, Portland, Or 97220
    When: Saturday Sept. 10 (weekend after labor Day)
    Who: Toyota owners
    What: A gathering of Like minded Toyota Enthusiasts.

    So I spoke to Wryaan and since 8/6 day was a bust (typical corolla owners) we discussed the possibility of having a Toyota Day at his shop. Being a Corolla owner (with Honda power) we talked about the possibility of even firing up the Dyno and doing Dyno pulls.

    We want to know your thoughts about what we should do. BBQ? Dyno? Cruise?

    Lets here your thoughts.


    For more info......

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    Re: Toyota Meet and BBQ... maybe even dyno pulls

    Besides be posted on HR is it on any other forums? I don't know what im doing that day but I may try to go. No promises.

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