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Thread: Saying Hi - 1971 Celica.

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    Saying Hi - 1971 Celica.


    I'm new to the forums and glad to be here.

    Mostly looking for a 71 Celica that might be available, but enjoy seeing what's going on with all Celicas around 71 too.

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    Welcome aboard! Good luck on the search. :tu:

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    Welcome and good luck with your Celica search! :mrgreen: :tu:

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    Hello! I'm new too, but welcome to the boards!

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    Welcome to the JNC. :tu:

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    welcome to the JNC..
    enjoy your stay..
    i know i did..

    also if u need any budget priced olskool rims..
    please contact me.. :lol:

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    Thanks for all the good welcomes.

    Will do on the rims.

    I'm mostly peaking my head in for the first time on some of the forums I've found that might have 1971 Celicas.

    Actually, my interest in another 1971 Celica is surprising me, but I'm having fun checking it all out.

    See you all around.

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    Welcome home. :wink:

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSR_s30
    Welcome home. :wink:
    Well said.

    I don't know how many people here have owned 1st generation Celicas. At the time they were very unique, pretty plentiful as they caught on after the first couple years, and then the 1st generation disappeared quite quickly. Though, I still had mine at that time.

    I like some of the consecutive generations, but most of the newer ones seem to have very low view around the car. I find that true of most models of cars, as most cars look alike now.

    That is what was unique about the 1st generation Celica. They looked familiar, but not really sure why. They had that sporty look to them, but maybe not like a true sports car.

    And yet there was a significant market for them.

    I never did get into the various engine type and hardware that was on various models, so I'm at a disadvantage there.

    However, asking questions is always a good thing that helps me to get to know what I want to know.

    I've very impressed how many people know so much about the cars, and then I realize that maybe most on these forums are auto mechanics. Not sure yet.

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