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Thread: My Sapporo

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    My Sapporo

    Just a pic of my 1980 LHD Sapporo

    Cheers Ian

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    scappoose, or
    Great looking sapporo man. What powerplant does it have? Any interior pics?

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    Lots of new Sapporo owners lately, which is awesome. Welcome to JNC!

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    1980 Sapporo

    Hi yes I brought this car home from Bahrain in 84, and drove her till 96, then garaged her up and started to replace parts, shes virtually rust free so I have replaced all the steering and shocks etc new exaust, new carpet from texas, still to fit, recon steering box, tank out at present for cleaning and coating, send me your email address and I have lots of pics will send you some, I have had front bumper re chromed and rear being done. my Email is she packs the 4G52 engine and after 146,000K still purrs sweatly.

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    ian hello from a fellow uk resident cool looking car

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    We need some more pics! At least some details! Looks good from first glance though.

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    1980 Sapporo

    Quote Originally Posted by EHonda
    We need some more pics! At least some details! Looks good from first glance though.
    Yes I will be posting more pics on this site, but I have posted a few on Photobucket just go to Photobucket type in Sapporo it should come up nice to meet you
    Regards Contractor

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    Ian - looks nice
    Im sending you part tomorrow

    you are lucky having mirrors, and oryginal wheels with rings! ( I dont have it in 4 sapporo )

    put more photos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kriswawa
    you are lucky having mirrors
    Aren't those mirrors from a 70s BMW?

    Always liked those...

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    Nice.. need more pics though! Not sure how someone could take one pic of their car and not be inclined to take 10 more!

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