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Thread: Senna - The documentary movie

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    Senna - The documentary movie

    Just figured I'd post this for fans of F1 or auto racing in general. This is a recent documentary about F1 driver Ayrton Senna, who tragically died in a crash in '94. I've recently seen it, a very good documentary. I'd rate it as one of the top auto racing buff's movies. Up with Eric Bana's "Love the Beast" movie.

    Since the video doesn't want to embed:

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    Re: Senna - The documentary movie

    Had the opportunity to watch this at the recent New Zealand International Film Festival here in Auckland, and I was glad I did. All three screenings more or less sold out.

    Gleaned some interesting insight into the man himself as well as the sort of things he was going through during his brief reign as the best F1 driver in the world.

    Going into the film knowing the eventual outcome is never pleasant though. And that never before seen footage of lap 6... my god.

    Now I need to track down the director's cut version which is reportedly another 45 minutes longer.

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