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Thread: 1974 RX-4 wagon

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    1974 RX-4 wagon member who's owned a few early rotaries over the years. They're all sold off now, but I thought I'd share the one I owned most recently, a 1974 RX-4 RotaryWagon, one of the first imported to the USA. It had front fender damage when I bought it, but other than that, it was basically new. I sold it in 2004.

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    Re: 1974 RX-4 wagon

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing. :tu:

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    Re: 1974 RX-4 wagon

    Wow! Cleanest wagon i've ever seen. I'd liek to own a more "pedestrian" rotary car someday. Sports cars are fun but I'd imagine 7500 RPM in a wagon has to be a twisted sort of fun.

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