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Thread: 1978 Suzuki GS750

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    1978 Suzuki GS750

    Hi there.
    I'm a new gs owner, i'm 25, live in Norway and I just got my mc-license
    The bike was actually my mum's bike but she lost here license a long time ago so it's been standing in storage for about ten years or so until I took over the bike now.
    Naturally there are some small issues with a bike this old so I'll try to address some of them, maybe someone here can help to.

    I guess you like pictures so here's two pics of the bike when I first went to check it out two months ago:

    Since then i've replace all the brake calipers, oil and filter, put on new air filters, new clutch lever, new turn signal lens, removed the luggage rack and replaced a bent footpeg.
    I drove it for the first time today, definately a lot different than the school bike I've been riding but then there is about 30 years difference to

    Anyways, the things I noticed are the Speedometer:
    -It's very slow and can't keep up when i'm accelerating. Cable or the instrument maybe
    -Front brake cylinder or reservoir is leaking, there was brake fluid on the cylinder I noticed.
    -Rear light doesn't work, only the brake light. I replaced the bulb but it didn't help.
    -Starter doesn't turn the engine over, it just spins without engaging.
    -Ticking noise coming from the right hand side when accelerating, valve clearances?

    Thats about it I guess, I took it to a bike shop today for a carb tuneup, valve clearance adjustment and a dyno run.
    Maybe I'll have him check some of the above things to but I don't like paying for stuff I can fix myself

    Future plans originally included building it as a Café racer but then again I think it's pretty cool as it
    So I guess i'll just clean it properly and just ride

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    Re: 1978 Suzuki GS750

    nice bike man. shame its not a wire wheel. but at least your getting it going! :wink:

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