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Where: Burger Madness Seattle
When: August 06 (duh!) 5pm til whenever.

It's my little blue coupe's 25th birthday! Let's celebrate!

We had a hella good time last year at burger madness (it's too bad the owner's wife deleted the pics on accident.) No pics = it didn't happen. Last time was just practice for 2011 anyways. This year the owners have put together a special combo meal for us - bacon burger + fries + soft drank = $8.60. Aww yeah.

We can have even more of the parking lot this year since the quiznos is caput (but we gotta keep the 4 spots in front of the sbux open).

Wash your cars, we gotta take mad pics for the interwebs.

Those that wanna come through, reply here so I can give a rough head count.

Please keep the flaming to a minimum. I tried to do this on my limited spare time. If you don't like it you don't hafta come :-) but everybody's welcome.
Post if you plan on coming :wink: :tu: