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Thread: Wheel Information Wanted, Not ID

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    Wheel Information Wanted, Not ID


    I'm seeking for more information on two sets of wheels, the first generation Works Ewings Emotion and TOM'S Racing Vesta. I recently got a positive ID on the Works Ewing Emotion after a few e-mails to Work Wheels USA with the help of Work Japan. They couldn't provide me anymore information on them since they're discontinued from the early 90's. As for the TOM'S Racing Vesta, I pretty much want to know the purpose of their manufacture. From what I know, they were option wheels for certain Toyota's during the 90's but I couldn't find any Toyota pictures with the TOM'S Racing Vesta wheel package installed. The ST185 rally Celicas had OZ Rally wheels which looked identical.

    Any information on either or both wheels is wanted and appreciated I'm never letting go any of these two sets. The Works Ewing Emotion will simply be fully restored. They have missing rings and caps, so hopefully more information on them can lead to a successful search for them.

    Here is a picture of both the wheels ... 8164_n.jpg

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    Re: Wheel Information Wanted, Not ID

    You may have more luck searching for parts for those Works as Gales. They were marketed both ways but the Works parts seem much harder to find. The TOMs were dealer option from what I've seen and I am insanely jealous. Nice find.

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