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Thread: Old school JDM Tyre Size help??

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    Old school JDM Tyre Size help??

    Hey guys Im going to be running the old style work equip 03's in a 13x6 on the front and SSR Mesh 14x7 on the back of my car, I was just wondering what would be the best tyre sizes to get for that old JDM look?? , slight bit of stretch would help also Im think 155/55's for the SSR's but unsure on the equips.



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    Re: Old school JDM Tyre Size help??

    Good luck finding any sort of decent rubber for a 13 inch wheel outside of a full race tire. The rears, a 155 is WAY too small for a 7" wide wheel unless you are looking to destroy the wheel. Try a 185, 195 or 205, again good luck finding a decent tire. In a 195/60/14 there are two choices, a Falken Azenis, or the Dunlop Starspec (only available from tire rack. They are bitchin tires however.)

    A 155 series tire belongs on a 5.5 inch wide rim, not a 7 inch. Its not a safe way to go, the bead has nothing to seat against, and since the side wall is stretched twice as wide as it should be, the rim of the wheel has nothing to protect it from the ground (the edges of pot holes, raised sections of pavement, curbs ect) Its a really good way to destroy a cool set of wheels.


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