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Thread: Parts for Toyota Cressida MX32 (RX30) ??

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    Parts for Toyota Cressida MX32 (RX30) ??


    I live in Norway and have a 1980 Cressida MX32 and a Cressida RX30 1977.
    I need parts to the MX32.
    -chrome mirrors
    -bumpers front and back.
    -chrome list to the trunk, with toyota emblem.
    -bumber corners(blachk hard rubber).

    Can anyone help me find/get this?

    Regards Yngve


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    good luck the hunt man parts for these are hard to come by trust me 8)

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    bumper rubber is disco from toyota

    chrome mirrors? i didnt think they had these stock and they where all aftermarket and if that is the case just search ebay/yahoojap to find a style you like

    bumpers what style you after and are you willing to pay big shipping?

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    2 door or 4 door ? i have the crome list with Toyota , send me a PM in Norwegian i have some parts

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