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Thread: Concours d'Lemons, Aug 15, Toro Park Monterey, CA

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    Concours d'Lemons, Aug 15, Toro Park Monterey, CA

    I'd like to invite more nostalgic japanese cars to the inaugural Concours d'LeMons at Toro Park in Monterey, CA on Aug 15, 2009. The show is chance for those with cars that dont fit into any other shows during the Pebble Beach Week to have a place to show off their cars in front one of the largest groups of auto enthusiast in the world.

    The show is somewhat light hearted and pokes a little fun at the Pebble Beach crowd. It will be a fun afternoon with lots of cool cars on display. The Pinto owners club is bringing out some very rare cars, as is the AMC owners club.
    We will have the #1 and #2 oldest Toyota's in the US on display, and I would like to have a large nostalgic japanese car presence to accompany them.

    Cars do not have to be restored. As long as you are ready to have fun with your car, you can enter the show

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    You can register online at

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