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Thread: My GF's first JNC; 1981 Honda Accord.

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    My GF's first JNC; 1981 Honda Accord.

    Somehow my girlfriend has become enthusiastic about Vintage cars, so as you can imagine I'm pretty excited. After much searching, (and rejecting a beat Toyota Corona and others,) I helped her get her first JNC, this Oslo Ivory '81 Accord sedan.

    It has 106,000 miles, and was owned by the proverbial little old lady who took excellent care of it. It had all the paperwork dating back to 1981, down to the sales brochure in the glovebox. It has the original paint, and even the A/C still blows cold.

    I've only taken one pic of it so far, so here's a couple of teasers until I can grab the camera and take some decent pics. I plan on helping her get it ready for JCCS at the Queen Mary in Sept.

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    Re: My GF's first JNC; 1981 Honda Accord.

    Wow....looks awesome! Keep it stock please!

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    Re: My GF's first JNC; 1981 Honda Accord.

    Great choice in some j-tin :wink: . I have the twin to your girls car. (she's up for sale) .

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    Re: My GF's first JNC; 1981 Honda Accord.

    A nice Car... You will adore with its technology... "shift the future"

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