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Thread: spray on chrome

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    spray on chrome

    was watching my classic car and Jay Leno was talking about a chrome alternative so i looked it up and the company that makes the product is called ,they are from deutschland. it is essentially the same as the spray on chrome, but Jay says they've improved it, not sure how.The company is still behind on there site so we dont know how much it will cost, but in the my classic car episode Jay is holding some kind of hood ornament and says," this is about 5 to 6 bucks worth in materials". I have talked to a painter asking about this method before and he said its not cheap. Its been a while since I've asked him but i think it was like 300 dollars for a little bottle of it. We'll just have to see. here is a link to jays site and a video of the chrome process. ... on-chrome/

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    Re: spray on chrome

    Thats amazing. I have checked the website and there is no shop or anything. I guess it will be for sale??

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    Re: spray on chrome

    Do want. That seems like really awesome stuff. I wonder how it hold up against the elements.

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    Re: spray on chrome

    That is insanely awesome. That will probably become a real necessity especially for super old stuff that is just too pitted, you can bring a lot of stuff back to life.

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