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Thread: Any interest in a JNC Coloring Book?

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    Any interest in a JNC Coloring Book?

    I know Banpei made a sweet bosozoku coloring book, but I was wondering if there's any interest in a more stock or OEM+ oriented book. It could feature cars like the hakosuka, Savanna, 510, mango, Bellett, 2000GT, Celica, Lancer, etc.

    I do car illustration at local car shows for a summer job so there won't be any lack of quality:

    Of course I'd do line drawings for it, something along the lines of these but neater:

    So, is there any interest in this? The price would depend on how many cars go in and how many books I can sell, but I promise it won't be over $10.

    (yes, it's all freehand and the coloring book would be too!)

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    Re: Any interest in a JNC Coloring Book?

    Can I contribute?

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