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Thread: Carb trouble

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    Carb trouble

    I figured this is a general carb question that any other car brand can have so im gonna post it in general discussion.

    I rebuilt this pile of shit a while back and it ran pretty decent. Its gotten nothing but worse since, b/c now it will not even idle and cuts off if youre not on the throttle somewhat. It smells and acts flooded while running but seems like its not getting fuel when I try to crank it. The mixture seemed fine just a few weeks earlier and I have not changed it. The only way it cranks now is if I spray some starting fluid in it. If you have ANY idea or theory as to what it could be, then respond with whatever is on your mind. Thanks

    Its an 8rc on a 70 corona mkII and everything on the ignition is in good working order if that helps.

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    Re: Carb trouble

    What sort of carb is it?


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