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Thread: suspension question from a noob.

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    suspension question from a noob.

    I am new to this classic cars.

    Was wondering if the suspension pieces of these cars are interchangeable with the later model ones.

    I found a 1978 Corona sedan in the local craigslist and want to know if there are options as far as the suspension goes.

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    Well..That depends on where you want to go... Pretty sure some -86 stuff works as well as toyota truck stuff..

    -Leafs in the back and the rear should be 6.7 Pretty common so easy to build..
    -Shocks are tough,good luck finding any better than KYB or Rancho
    -Sway-bars only came on the wagon(i think)But easy to fit your own,or buy one from Afco like me.
    -Front suspension is pretty much toyota truck,no struts..Easily lowered with a coil or so cut.
    -And sways in the front can be had from Afco as well..

    Check my cardomain..Working on a build list there for mine.

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    the strut setup is the same design as a celica, supra, carolla from 78-85ish. they are all the same base parts, just different dimensions.

    you can mix n match some parts to get a stiffer front end, or just to have more options for aftermarket parts and better brakes.

    there is a guy who goes by A2ndopinion @ with a thread titled "wagon improvements"

    i forget just what he swapped but its listed in the thread, unfortunatly the site is down right now, but i promise it will be back up in a day or so.

    course this is assuming that you do have struts, 78 was a switch over year. so you either have struts or a pickup dual A arm setup. and there isnt crap for the A arm setup. one of these days im going to see if a newer truck A arm setup will bolt on so we could use drop spindles for a 85 pickup.

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    Thanks for the reply, im gonna check the car out this week. :tu:

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