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Thread: meet and Carshow August 20th 2011

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    430 meet and Carshow August 20th 2011

    Anyone thinking about going? 8)

    City: Olympia, WA
    Location: Olympia Nissan
    Date: 8.20.11
    Time: 12pm-6pm

    Come join us at Olympia Nissan on Saturday August 20th, 2011 for our 2nd Annual Nissan & Mitsubishi Meet & Show. All raffle proceeds are being donated to local Humane Society Locations. Car show participants need to register online and are subject
    to approval. Parking for spectators is available through out the Olympia Auto Mall.


    Confirmed Sponsors:
    Mackin (Rays, PMU, Yokohama, etc)
    Touge Factory
    NOS Energy Drinks
    Rally Armor
    NWN (northwestnissans)
    Cornwell Tools
    Modified Magazine
    Griots Garage
    S3 Magazine
    Drift Office

    An addition to this year’s annual car meet, Olympia Nissan have collaborated with to host a pre-screened car show.
    The car show is free of charge and open to all. Because this is a prescreened show, all those who wish to participate need to submit their car using the form below.

    We have limited space and need to accommodate for both Nissans, Mitsubishis and old school, so be
    aware that it is possible that not everyone will be admitted. We have up to 100 spaces, so we will try to fit everyone.

    The last day to submit your car for the car show will be 31st of July. Please be sure to get entries in by then.
    At that point, all the entries will be reviewed and acceptance emails will be sent out. Further instructions about the car show will be included in the email.

    The following are the trophies that will be awarded:

    Best Nissan Category: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

    Best Mitsubishi: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

    Best Old School: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

    Viewer’s Choice

    The Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Old School categories will be judged by five independent judges. The Viewer’s Choice will be just that. All those who attend will have the chance to cast their vote for the car of their choice. Lastly, there will be a raffle being held to win other prizes and prize packages. All proceeds of the raffle will be donated to the local Humane Society.
    A good cause for some great prizes. Best of luck and looking forward to seeing you all at Olympia Nissan’s event.

    Last years event thread (pics and more!)
    NWN Photos
    EvolutionM Photos Nissan & Mitsubishi Meet - Pictures

    FOOD: Paprika Catering
    This year we will have Paprika Catering handling all the food & drinks. This event starts at noon so dont even worry about stopping and grabbing a snack on the way in. We will have great food on hand at a great price. Even dessert will be available!

    Im finding that people are a little confused about this years event vs. last years. Last year we had a full on meet - anyone and everyone w/ a Mitsubishi or Nissan was invited. This year is no different except for the fact that we wanted to add a car show to the mix.

    SHOW: If you plan to enter the show you need to register online. All registrations are subject to approval by the event staff. Only the best will get in and have a chance at 1 of 10 trophies awarded. Due to parking availability we have to proceed this way with the approval process.

    MEET: We do have more parking this year so we wont be completely turning our back on the meet portion of the event. We want this event to be laid back and simply a fun get together for car enthusiast. It will be August, it should be nice, no sense in staying home when you can rub elbows with friends and family while enjoying some sick rides. So, to keep it very simple - if you want to participate in the meet portion you need to show up as close to roll in time as possible. It will be first come, first serve.

    PARKING: Parking is available throughout the Olympia Auto Mall. With it being a Saturday there isn't too much traffic going in and out so there will be TONS of parking all over the place. I'd like to see the place be taken over by our event.

    EVENT COVERAGE: This year we have a ton of media coverage coming out. The usual suspects from our local community will be out and about -, Big Boy Media (hopefully...?!),, etc. In addition to the local guys we will have Modified Magazine & S3 Magazine providing print coverage for our event. Want the chance to grace the pages of a national magazine...this might be your chance!

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    Re: meet and Carshow August 20th 2011

    11 more days till the show, better be some more JNCs there!

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    Re: meet and Carshow August 20th 2011

    only 1 more day till the event!

    I'll be meeting up here to join all the Evos to caravan down. The sun will just be rising when I leave my house. :shock:

    North End meet up
    DEPARTING AT 7:55 a.m.
    Ash Way Park & Ride (Off of 164th)
    16327 Ash Way

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