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Thread: 1972 Honda Chaly CF70.

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    1972 Honda Chaly CF70.

    Well I was after this one for while and it finally was mine a few years ago. Its a Honda CF70 or otherwise known as the Honda Chaly, distant cousin to the Honda Ct70. Never sold in the states I'm not even sure how it got here. Its wasn't missing anything, just a little rough around the edges and it had a long way to go. Some people think they are funny looking but I think its freaking awesome when done up right. The motor it came with was the original 6volt 70cc overhead cam motor just like what the older CT70s had but I had a bunch of other motor laying around that i could use for it that would bring it up to speed. All i knew is the old 6volt cases were pretty much useless as there were some limitations on what you can do with them compared to the 12volt or Thai110 style bottom ends.

    Here is what she looked like when i first got my hands on her.

    And just a few days later

    The body was pretty clean and dent free which isnt always the case for these type of bikes if they are left sitting for a few decades.
    I knew in the end ide replace the wheels, seat, engine, forks, pretty much everything other then the frame and a few things.

    Here are some pics of some of the work along the way.

    the motor i went with was out of a thai Honda scooter called a NICE 110 that was bored to displace 137cc. The head was reworked with a 28mm intake valve 25 exh, and some massive porting. I ran this motor in my Honda monkey for a while before i pulled it out to put in a higher revving one. Its got some pretty good bottom end and is good for about 70mph with out too much trouble. One issue it presented is its a bit wider then the original and the foot pegs had to be sectioned and widened.

    The wheels i went with are quite a bit wider and lighter then the original steel wheels and in order to fit them offset sprockets were used.

    Here is how the bike was last year and a few things have changed since this pic but Im very happy with the bike. Its got a small bit of a drop on the original ride height but not too low that your scraping on crests.

    In all honesty the bike isnt finished yet. I was distracted by a sexy Italian beast and now by a Datsun. One day ill get back to her and finish her off properly.

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    Re: 1972 Honda Chaly CF70.

    WOW :shock: that is such a nice bike you have built up there. would love to see more pics

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    Re: 1972 Honda Chaly CF70.

    That is badass. 8)

    You're telling me that will go 70mph?!?

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    Re: 1972 Honda Chaly CF70.

    Quote Originally Posted by datsunfreak
    That is badass. 8)

    You're telling me that will go 70mph?!?

    Yes, I've built smaller displacement minis like my monkey that can go 80mph. Getting the motors to push to that speed isnt that hard. Its getting the bike setup so it doesn't shake itself to death or so that it can take a small bump at those speeds that's the hard part. Here is a vid of my 124cc monkey doing 80. 1:15 in the vid. Ill do a write up on that one sometime. It was one of my first mini projects and still my favorite bike.

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    Re: 1972 Honda Chaly CF70.

    Nice ride! Here's one in the wild... Neko.

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    Re: 1972 Honda Chaly CF70.

    You absolute legend!!!

    You have done in one quick step what I want to do over a year.

    Your a hero : )

    Do you know how much $$ Takegawa costs in England?......LOTS!!

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