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Thread: wheels need massaging

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    wheels need massaging

    i have a set of 13x5.5" mesh wheels built by appliance. i want to use them on my celica. the bolt pattern is right with a 4x114 but the holes for the lug nuts are too small to use a shank style nut and obviously it would be dangerous trying to fix the wheels on with a typical acorn nut when only 2 threads protrude past the wheel face.

    i know that appliance wheels are known for their cams as in you can flip an insert around and get different bolt patterns that results in their special lug nuts but this does not have that ability.

    does anyone have any viable options or opinions on how to make this work? i was thinking just hogging the holes out a little bit but finding a drill bit that will fit my cordless drill is hard to come by and the wheel is too big for me to use my drill press. bringing it to a shop to have them drill is too expensive as i paid 50$ for the wheels and dont want to spend 50$ per wheel to have them open the hole by 1/16"

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    Re: wheels need massaging

    just buy longer studs?

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