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Thread: Work Equip 03's confusion !

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    Work Equip 03's confusion !


    I probaly sound like a right noob but these are the first old school jdm wheels i've bought.

    They are two piece split Work equip 03's the old style, i want to take them apart to repaint the centres only problem is I don't know how they come apart!

    Is it from here? and if so what do I do to loosen it? heat it up a bit? its solid, im guessing because they haven't been on a car in about 15 years they've corroded together slightly??

    Or does the centre come out ? i can't see how though, feel like such an idiot !!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Work Equip 03's confusion !

    They are factory welded wheels. You can see the two beads of weld in the pictures.

    A few people have split this type of wheel to rebarrel them and make them a true, 3pc wheel again, but I wouldn't suggest it just for a repaint.

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    Re: Work Equip 03's confusion !

    What he said. ^^
    You'd have to grind down the welds to get them apart.

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