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Thread: Guppy House Car Meet by 1013MM (6.23.11)

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    Guppy House Car Meet by 1013MM (6.23.11)

    FACEBOOK event page:

    WHY? Continuing on the tradition of epic E90POST Guppy House meets.... LET'S CHILL! It's freaking summer! What's not to love about shaved ice during the summer? 1013MM will be there photoshootin and everything.

    WHO? All car makes and models invited. Special guest appearance by tee.tran , Canibeat, and Night-Import.

    WHERE? Guppy house. If you don't like shaved ice, there's a Round Table Pizza and Tacos in the same lot. Location map (

    Address: 17188 Colima Rd., Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
    Date/Time: June 23 at 7:30pm ~ 2:00am

    RULES? No burn outs, donuts, drifting, revving. You will be asked to leave. Let's not ruin it for everyone. Make ?, not enemies. Night-Import will be there capturing the immature drivers and post it in their 'Album of Shame'. Once that Album builds up, it will be publicly posted on major forums.
    Album of Shame: ... 3120818035

    NOTE: For those with lowered cars, please use the entrance to the lot on Colima, not Azusa.

    Please contact me: [email:2f6xne5v][/email:2f6xne5v] for anything regarding this meet.

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    Re: Guppy House Car Meet by 1013MM (6.23.11)

    Is this a food fest or car meet :?

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