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Thread: Crazy Ray's MD - Hey colhogen, look familiar?

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    Crazy Ray's MD - Hey colhogen, look familiar?

    First off, I hope this is the right place to put this, if not I apologize.

    So I'm going through the junkyard just looking for stuff. Even on a hot day going to the junkyard is my go to thing when I'm bored/stressed. I went looking for some sohc KA bits but no such luck, but as I'm walking around I see a familiar shape, an early Integra. Then I notice the sticker on the window:

    So I mosey on up to it to get a better look. Then I notice something else:

    Unless I'm mistaken I'm pretty sure that belongs (belonged) to colhogen on here. I was first surprised to see the sticker and even more surprised to see the name and that I knew it from somewhere.

    I figured I'd share that with y'all.

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    Re: Crazy Ray's MD - Hey colhogen, look familiar?

    Anything else cool at the yard?

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    Re: Crazy Ray's MD - Hey colhogen, look familiar?

    i just pulled a n42 non egr intake off a 76 280z...... but other than that; not really anything right now in most of crazy rays yards

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