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Thread: 1977 Holden TC Gemini Coupe

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    1977 Holden TC Gemini Coupe

    This is my 1977 TC Gemini Coupe , it was brought from Pete on in 2010 and i have built on what he originally created..
    I will start with a few build pics he gave me on CD ..

    Pretty sure this first pic would be as he bought it many years ago..

    Not sure if it was this clean when he bought it but DAM its clean in these shots , back in around 2004 i think.

    Then in 2005 at some stage someone plowed into the back of the of.

    Looks like Pete (Coupedup) fixed and painted the beast at home.

    NOS panel

    Good as new

    Wowowo Great job !!

    Evo Intercooler install 2009 ..Piazza EFI and Turbo now fitted to standard 1.6L Gemini motor at home by PETER again !!

    Then in 2010 Pete Sadly sold up start one of his other 2 Coupe projects. And i picked it up
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________

    I Bought it like this .

    Its running a Fuel only Microtech ECU and was misfiring and stuttering on boost .
    I got the plugs gapped down , then once it was dyno tuned it ran very well with about 130hp at the back wheels.
    This was my first turbo car and being so light at 970kg and RWD made for a great drive..

    While it was at Rotomotion getting dynotuned i got a cold airbox made up to block hot engine bay air from my filter.

    Ist set of rims were my 15" Suzuki Swift steelies , with some chrome dress rings and Holden center caps 8)

    Interior was (still is) mint when i bought the car . I added the dished suede wheel and shift knob.

    Next up was a cruise with my club where i live in Australia-
    Cruise Vid
    Cruise #27 Picture Thread Full of Geminis

    More online shopping- $367 del on ebay ... Marongoni Zeta 195/50

    After 6 weeks these arrived from new the US for $850 shipped .. Sportmax XXR 513's 15x7 ET15

    I didnt really like the center caps so i bought some from MR MAG and had some Isuzu stickers made by a friend

    I like it better.

    After that i fitted up some HD Adjustable swaybars and entered a Superkhana at Midvale speeddome . I uploaded more vids of the other cars - GT40 and more!
    Vid 1
    Vid 2 190kph

    Then i went to the drags the best i could down the 400m was a 14.7 with an open centre diff.
    Vid 1
    Vid 2
    Vid 3


    It was a busy Summer , next up was a Skidpan day with josh and his TE Gemini,
    more vids

    After that it was another Cruise with the crew
    Cruise #29 Vid

    Clints 4ZD1 Turbo Coupe and mine

    Then we both went to the drags and my Accelerator cable snapped :cry: Some how i fixed this with my shoelace to get my the 45 min drive home.
    Drag Video

    Fitted a locker for the drags and my other racing , but that broke before i got to use it :lol:

    Then Clint and i Entered our Turbo Coupes in the Next Superkhana , where i broke something in my head in my first run.. And dropped a valve
    Vids of me killing it and Clint sliding as his rear swaybar is set wayyyy to tight

    Dented one piston .. big deal !!

    This happened December after 7 months of racing .. I was boosting 12-13 psi through the old stock gemini 1600cc motor for a while till my vacuum advance mechanism fell off and pulled the timing plate in my dizzy way out ..

    More soon its 2 AM here in Australia

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    Re: 1977 Holden TC Gemini Coupe


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    Re: 1977 Holden TC Gemini Coupe

    nice looking car, good too see it getting driven!

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