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Thread: 1984 Gemini Sedan .. Street/Strip/Track/Show Beast .

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    1984 Gemini Sedan .. Street/Strip/Track/Show Beast .

    Hi My next project i want to share is for my 1984 Holden TG Gemini Sedan.. Although built by Holden its all still an Isuzu to me..

    This car was purchased in May 09 for $2500 in great condition with no rust or dings and a good factory interior with a Tacho dash.. It came with a fresh 2L EFI motor so all the hard work had been done..

    Specs when First Purchased :
    G200Z 2.0L SOHC (Balanced and rebuilt)
    G161Z 1.6L Head
    Rodeo EFI
    Lumpy Cam
    2.5" Mandrel welded exhaust
    Delco ECU
    Rebuilt 5 Speed
    New Aircon
    Lovells Springs
    Monroe shocks
    Piazza front brakes

    At this early stage i fitted :
    Clear indicators with LEDS
    14" Rims
    Isuzu Grill Badge
    Custom plates
    SAAS Race bucket
    Jap Steering wheel
    New Gear Boot
    Custom Shiftknob
    Early model window winders
    Hard plastic Jap door handles
    Chrome Rocker Cover
    Chrome Oil cap

    SLX/ ZZ/Z Tacho Dash , standard tape deck , Billet ebay shift knob

    Came with the clean SLX Interior , I added the early model winders and hard plastic jap door handles

    G200Z 2.0L SOHC with Rodeo EFI fitted

    A month or so after i bought it i made up a cold air feed and hit the drags.

    Takeoffs were pretty slow without LSD or a welded locker diff .
    Best 60 Foot Time: 2.209
    Best E/T:16.124 TrapSpeed:80.41kph
    Horsepower: Approx 100hp

    And then about August '09 i was coming home from work and driving directly into the dusk sun , i was blinded badly and this happened .


    So then i sourced a good bonnet,LH guard,Radiator support and some headlights and a grille. Dropped it at a friends panel shop ..

    These are the shots from the shop in September 09

    Radiator support replaced

    Battery plate removed

    Then on December 23rd 2009 i got it back from the shop painted in the factory metallic color and i put it back together.
    Parts fitted at this stage :
    NOS Hard plastic bumpers
    More Clear indicators
    Repro Taillights
    NOS Holden badge
    Repro Sandpiper/GTS mirrors
    15 x 7 O.Z. Racing rims
    215/50 Dunlop Formula R Tires

    Then i got my simmons i bought of Kev reconditioned

    Best money i ever spent

    Simmons 15 x 7

    Running Firestone 195/55/15 tires

    Modifications & Parts fitted in this stage:
    Odyssey Dry Cell Battery Mounted in boot
    Whiteline 18mm Rear swaybar
    Whiteline 24mm Adjustable Front Swaybar
    Nolothane Oncar adjustable Panhard rod
    SuperPro Suspension and steering Bush kit
    Pedders sports short shocks Front and Rear
    Kings Springs SuperLow Front Springs
    Slotted front ball joints
    Pinion angle washers
    H/D Torque Tube
    H/D Torque Tube Rubber
    VK LSD Diff Center
    Chrome Diff Cover
    Alloy Radiator
    14" Thermo Fan
    Thermo fan controller
    New air con Condensor
    10" thermo
    CDT Front spoiler
    ZZ/Z F/Glass Mudflaps
    LED Taillights
    Haltech E6X Fully Programmable ECU
    Quad coils and M+W Ignitor
    F/Glass Kickpanels
    Custom Rocker Nuts
    Painted valve cover and heater cover

    Next i fitted a Small Odyssey battery to the Boot ..with a nice metal plate ,some sweet Brackets and a battery support.. Solid as

    Then i Fitted Front and Rear Whiteline Swaybars before my first Superkhana
    .. Rear is a non adjustable 18mm type that is a Straight swap in the same position as standard

    .. Front is Adjustable 24mm type ..

    ..I needed a smaller Oil filter , big one cleared but id be removing part of the swaybar for oil changes .. So went down From The 56 to the 79 i think..

    Also got an Entire Superpro bush kitted out thru the whole car

    Some Pedders short Sports shocks and some slotted ball joints for increased Camber.

    Bought and fit a Heavy duty Torque tube rubber and got my Torque tube sleeve to stop it bending , and fit some thinner spacers under the Tube mount to improve my pinion angle since my car was much lower.

    I also fitted a Nolathane adjustable panhard rod and a VK LSD diff center which later died

    Got a chinese ebay Alloy radiator and a new aircon condensor and got it all Gassed up..

    its Cold

    Then it was my CDT front spoiler that was fitted up ..

    Looks ok .. Takes a bit to get used to .

    Not long after that i went to the drags on a Wednesday night.. 16.054 was the Best i could get .. LSD hooked up tight all night , with no sighn's of the failure to come in a few months time... Some vids

    Smokes up good with the New tyres Pumped up and Dropping it in 2nd

    Then i entered my first Superkhana. And yes i was much faster than the Datsun 1600 Vids:

    More Dragracing Next :

    Swapped out my rear globes for some LED types

    Then i Fit some Kings Superlow front springs with one coil axed off

    After that i put on my ZZ/Z Mudflaps

    And my Haltech E6X

    With Quad coils and M+W Ignitor

    Got my Dash repaired

    And test fitted my Factory dash undertray.

    Tried out my F/glass Kick panels

    Then i had another SuperKhana

    After the SuperKhana my diff was very noisy to the point were it locked up on the street. Leaving me here

    The pin slipped out and it was Game over

    Put a standard Diff back in and finally fit my Valve cover , with Custom nuts and my heater cover

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    Re: 1984 Gemini Track / street / strip/ show Beast

    Whats a build thread without photo updates... Boring !! ....

    Next installment
    Around September 2010 i bought my Coupe and this came of the road again for more work.

    The next modification was the fitment of a Custom remote shifter mechanism ... As you can see the standard gemini gearstick comes out of the tunnel on a large angle quite a way forward compared to most cars

    This adaptor bolts to the quadrant box moving the shifter down the tunnel to a more freindly position ,whilst also shortening the distance between shifts ..

    Only install pic i took with half the bracket installed

    Here it is all fitted up with .. The Gemini Automatic Transmission Center console fits perfectly.

    Next i fitted my Base model TE / japspec Grille and Round headlight Combo, still dont know if i like it , so i have kept my other set of headlights and grille.. I also have a a ZZ/Z and a ZZ/R front spoiler to test fit.

    I had some Custom white faced gauge backgrounds made up , i had these installed by an Instrument shop in balcatta as i heard many stories of them being ruined and uncalibrated when the needles were removed at home. They also scraped the white paint off my needles so they were clear and then painted them in a special orange paint .


    After ..

    Big problem with my design .The black letters and incrememnts do not let the light thru . I had them remade with outlined numbers/increments to hopefully fix the problem. (yet to fit)

    Basically from here is the start of my Turbo Conversion .. Originally i had a Ballbearing '01 WRX Turbo adapted to a Piazza Cast Turbo manifold i was going to use , but them i bought Petes Coupe and decided to Buy a larger Turbo for the sedan and aimed for at least 200hp at the wheels WITHOUT forged pistons or rods . At this stage my engine was only 40,000ks old and collected some parts.

    Garret GT2871 rated@440hp and GemRacing exhaust manifold

    GemRacing Stainless Steel Dump pipe

    Also got 2 pairs of braided brake hoses for both cars Piazza Front brakes.

    My spare room . 440cc injectors , Custom Plenum , New Diesel Gem Radiator , billet camshaft , 20mm adjustable rear swaybar

    Got my race seats re-upholstered

    Test fitting intercooler . 530x230x69 It Fits !!

    It took a lot of playing to get the right combo of fan sizes and order to be able to fit this with air conditioning. It was never going to fit with my aluminum radiator , so this was sold and i had a larger gemini diesel radiator reconditioned and bought some thinnner thermo fans.

    Started on the motor , My 2L motor has a 1.6L cylinder head fitted for higher compression , I wanted to swap this for a 2L head to keep the comp a tad lower

    Removed the head at home then took my car to Dads work and pulled the motor to fit a Sump with an Turbo oil return

    Happily we discovered the motor had been balanced in the previous rebuild.

    I also fit a Double row timing chain and sprocket kit

    After some grinding and filing work i got my Plenum fitted to my lower Rodeo Runners . These were then powder coated by Dads mate as a favour.

    I needed to buy some bolts as the studs fouled under the plenum , also painted my VL throttle body .. About now i realized i had forgot to get a accelerator cable bracket welded onto my plenum

    Around this time Feb 2011 , i killed my Coupes motor , and this project got put to the side for a little while , Bad news is next update may be a while away but it is going be Killer

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    Re: 1984 Gemini Sedan .. Street/Strip/Track/Show Beast .

    top work there :tu:

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    Re: 1984 Gemini Track / street / strip/ show Beast

    LOVE the round headlight conversion! :tu: :mrgreen:

    Never seen this style grill before.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gem wrc
    Next i fitted my Base model TE / japspec Grille and Round headlight Combo, still dont know if i like it , so i have kept my other set of headlights and grille.. I also have a a ZZ/Z and a ZZ/R front spoiler to test fit.

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    Re: 1984 Gemini Sedan .. Street/Strip/Track/Show Beast .

    Thanks guys . this grille is only fitted to the very basic poverty pack TE Geminis in Australia , Quite hard to find nowadays as they were the ugly duckling back then and break around the lights very easily ..It was a lot more common on the jap gems.

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    Re: 1984 Gemini Sedan .. Street/Strip/Track/Show Beast .

    The front spoiler & mudflaps look killer, I love it!

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