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Thread: 50 myth thread moved for invalid reasons

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    50 myth thread moved for invalid reasons

    Quote Originally Posted by ben
    The thread in question belongs in the Nissan Garage. If we could post identical versions in Isuzu, Toyota and other Garages we would consider it, but it does not belong in the General Discussion section.

    And finally, DO NOT accuse moderators of abusing the forum. Yes, some moderators are Nissan fans...
    Kindly explain what possible logic was possibly used to determine that a thread discussing racing history of Toyota, Suzuki, etc., automobiles belongs in the Nissan specific section while a Nissan specific thread like Project Hakosuka Build Thread, belongs in the General section?

    I am not pointing this out because the second example is about Skylines, but because it is so absolutely specific to Nissan and still remains in the General section.

    No further example of outright bias is necessary.

    Quote Originally Posted by ben
    if you would like to champion the greatness of your preferred marque, go ahead and do so! I believe you will win over many more by teaching us about, say, its great racing history or technical advancements, rather than trying to tear down the achievements of another marque.
    Thank you for paraphrasing the same argument that I was forced to repeat so many times in the course of showing the derisive nature and use of the 50 victory myth and its derisive use toward non-Skyline enthusiasts.
    Regardless if the bias was intentional or not, the result is the same, to move a argument that was picked by a Nissan supporter from neutral ground and into a Nissan stronghold.

    The 50 myth thread was started in neutral territory by a Nissan supporter. It is specific to non-Nissan vehicles. It was commented in by moderators of this website. And there is one very conspicuous example of a thread that is completely Nissan specific to the exclusion of all other topics, which has some 1,300 posts, and is in the General section.

    Move the 50 myth thread back into neutral territory.

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    Re: 50 myth thread moved for invalid reasons

    Oh my Gloria, just drop it already. You're making a mockery of our forum. Even Ford vs. Chevy domestic discussions don't get this bad. Leave it alone or leave altogether. This is ridiculous. Nissans rule. Isuzus rule. Mazdas, Toyotas, and Mitsus rule. That's why we're here. We can all find some common ground and learn something if we're civil to each other. If the other part is uncivil, be the bigger person and let it go.

    Let it go, JT.

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