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Thread: Wanted - knob type fm radio cassette

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    Wanted - knob type fm radio cassette

    I am seeking an authentic, functioning knob type fm radio cassette for my 1975 Datsun 100a. I want to keep 70s look while at the same time listen to mp3 player/portable cd through a cassette w/lead, so to say to get the best of both worlds

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    Re: Wanted - knob type fm radio cassette

    IMO, The best ones are the vintage Alpines. Search "Alpine cassette" on ebay. :tu:

    Hell, I might buy this one myself... :P ... ioQ5fVideo

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    Re: Wanted - knob type fm radio cassette

    If your looking for something that looks vintage but performs like a modern stereo check out these guys

    I plan on getting one for my HiLux :tu:

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    Re: Wanted - knob type fm radio cassette

    You can get a stereo that looks authentic, but still play mp3 and all that using an aux cable or rca rather than the tape. A friend suggested the same thing when I first picked up the Mistress.

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