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Thread: Hot Version KP61 - 'K' vs 4AGZE

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    Hot Version KP61 - 'K' vs 4AGZE

    Stumbled across this great video (or NOT so great video of a great video, it seems):

    Keiichi Tsuchiya drives two KPs; one with a modified k-series engine and (from what I can tell) minimal suspension mods, the other with a 4AGZE and heavier suspension mods.

    It would be great if someone knows which episode this is from, has a better recording, or could even give some translation of the opinions of the car. That would be fantastic!

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    Re: Hot Version KP61 - 'K' vs 4AGZE

    That's way too cool. :-)

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    Re: Hot Version KP61 - 'K' vs 4AGZE

    Sorry to bump this guys, but did someone manage to save this video when it was public? Would love to see some kickass KP's :P
    On another stretch of video I managed to find we can see clearly KP's beating R34 Skylines :P

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    Re: Hot Version KP61 - 'K' vs 4AGZE

    I also would love it if this episode could be found!

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    Re: Hot Version KP61 - 'K' vs 4AGZE

    i didn't save that but i do tend to save my fav jdm youtube vids because they ALWAYS disappear...

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