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Thread: Attention everyone!!!

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    Attention everyone!!!

    News report and video about the break in: ... tatus=true

    Some of the stuff taken

    2 dynamic C4 automatic transmissions
    3 turbos
    3 turbo headers.
    Haltech platinum 1000s and 2000s
    racepack Dash display
    gato intake for tacoma.
    My own intake manifold tacoma,
    2 competition Engineering fabricated rear housings complete.
    One ...with 40spline gundrilled axles ultra case center section and brakes.
    The rear is jet coated.
    The other with axles brakes steel center section.
    2 dynamic converter.
    2mcleod clutches one for tacoma. One for 3y minvan
    snapon tools
    mac box strange coilovers.
    67/65 turbo.
    Bullseye turbo.
    Turbonetics T66.
    Presicion 46mm gate
    2 tial blowoff valves
    presicion injectors.
    K20 complete swap
    2 6speed transmissions for kseries.
    Header of ' series billet specialty
    wheels with 26x10 M/T slicks.
    And a bunch of other parts almost all that was taken was new.

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    Re: Attention everyone!!!

    ugh...its always sad to see this kind of stuff happen. i hope those idiots get thrown in jail and everything recovered.

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