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Thread: TE72 body damage

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    TE72 body damage

    Sup JNC guys, its been a while since ive posted here but I need some advice.

    Im looking into getting a TE72. I found one in my price range but it has its ups and downs like every car..

    The ups are its clean, no rust, ae86 4ag motor swapped in and a 5spd trans. Pretty clean swap, runs good needs a little work though.

    The downs are body damage!!!.. the driverside quarter panel has horrable body work, the part where the fender flares over the wheel is jacked up and dented. Has a crappy bondo job in the quarter and looks like CRAP!. The drivers door skin is peeling off and jacked up but thats not a problem. there is a door in the junkyard I can pick up.

    My main concern is the quarter panel. My plan is to get the quarter panel semi decent and put fender flares all around the car to hide the quarter damage. In my opinion that would be the easy fix but I love a stock body TE72. Wondering if anyone makes replacement quarter panels for them.

    Ill try to post a picture of the quarter damage but it dose no justace at all. but a picture is worth a thousand words..

    thanks for the help in advance!

    Here is a picture of the damage, it dosent look too bad in the pic, its a little worse in person, the door is in horrable condition but thats easily replaced. just want your guys opinions on the quarterpanel

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    Buy it and a quarter panel. Cut and

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    I agree with TSI. Just replace the quarter panel.

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    Agreed. It shouldn't be too hard to find a straight (or pretty close to straight) TE72 quarter out in a junkyard, sawzall it off, and replace yours. Look for the factory seams and cut beyond them so you have extra metal to work with. If you don't feel up to it, most good bodyshops should be fully capable. If they aren't, they're not a real bodyshop anyways.

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    Agreed with buying a quarter panel from the Junkyard. Here under the Junkyard finds would be a good place to start looking. I also always loved the body of the TE72.

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