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Thread: Please help - Isuzu Bellet information

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    Please help - Isuzu Bellet information

    Hello everyone,
    My friend here (Karoo, South Africa) runs a small machine work-shop. He's got a 1976 Isuzu Bellet 1500 sport sedan - with twin side-drafts. It's the only one in South Africa - a classic, they say it will do 120 mph - pretty fast for an 'old' 1500 motor. Problem is, the head gasket has gone, and the head has been skimmed too many times already. He wants to make up an aluminium plate to restore it, but needs to know the stock head thickness. If anyone knows anything about Isuzu Bellets, or where I can find info - I'd be very grateful
    update: just found out it's a G161Z motor..

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    g161z is 1600cc and not standard in a Bellett, they came standard in Gemini's, so if you get Gemini's there then get a head from one of them.

    Bellett (1500s) came with a g150, so it sounds like someone has done a transplant at some stage.

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    early rodeo's had g161z's as well

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    Best I can do....old motor. ... ine_engine.

    Engine Code: G161Z
    Compression Ratio: TX/TC/TD = 8.7:1
    Compression Ratio: TE/TF/TG = 8.3:1
    Bore: 82.00mm
    Stroke: 75.00mm
    Capacity: 1584cc (96.66ci)
    Power: TX Pre ADR27A = 63kw / TX Post ADR27A = 61kw / TC&TD = 61kw / TE-TG = 50kw
    Torque: 119nm (88lb/ft) @ 3400rpm
    Compression Pressure: Minimum 125psi (861kpa)
    Idle Speed: 700rpm
    Ignition Timing: 6 deg btdc set at idle speed
    Distributor Dwell Angle: 50 - 54 deg
    Firing Order: 1-3-4-2 ***Gemini distributor spins anti-clockwise***
    Spark Plugs: NGK BP6ES (NGK BP5ES for tired smokey engines)
    Spark Plug Gaps: 0.7mm - 0.8mm
    Valve Clearances (Cold): Inlet = 0.15mm / Exhaust = 0.25mm
    Valve Clearances (Hot):Inlet = 0.20mm / Exhaust = 0.30mm
    Oil Pressure: 7psi (49kpa) at idle
    Oil Pressure: 47-71psi (390-490kpa) at 2800rpm
    Sump Capacity (without filter): 3.2 litres
    Sump Capacity (with filter): 3.6 litres
    Cooling System Capacity: 6 litres
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 52 litres

    Gemini Cam Specs:

    Inlet Valve:
    Opens (B.T.D.C) 21 deg
    Closes (A.B.D.C) 65 deg
    Duration 266 deg

    Exhaust Valve:
    Opens (B.B.D.C) 55 deg
    Closes (A.T.D.C) 20 deg
    Duration 255 deg

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