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Thread: My Former N600s :(

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    My Former N600s :(

    Bah, seeing that last N600 thread reminded me of these little guys I used to own. I had dreams of combining both of them into one perfectly restored machine, and using the worst of the two to make into some crazy CBR swapped toy.

    I came across them for $800 for the pair. I wound up having to sell them for $800, as my mom had given me a 24,000 mile 1992 Miata that had been garaged it's whole life, and then I managed to use it to get in my first wreck with it. Had to sell them to pay for the damages to the Miata, as I couldn't really write off the gift, also would have been a shame to not bring the low mileage Miata back to original condition...

    If I could go back, I would rather have not had the Miata at all, and kept the 600s. One of them had a good engine. I tried starting it one day, and it turned over. I just figured it needed the points cleaned. Got a call back from the new owner who told me "yeah, just needed to clean the points and she fired right up." DAMN IT!!! And I had let them sit out in the field for 6 months and didn't play with them at all, as I was still working on my 1g Accord project. Oh well. I will get another one some day.

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    Aww, that's a shame. Nice story though. They are still available in SoCal if you ever want to get one

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    man, that would have been sweet.

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