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Thread: Mazda 929 S 1.8 Hardtop '78

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    Mazda 929 S 1.8 Hardtop '78

    I came across this website two days ago and my head is spining over all those beautiful classic cars! I loved the Japanese Classic Car Show pages

    But.. I'm a Mazda guy.. and I've always loved the 929 of the first generation. In 2005 I was looking at some second hand carwebsites and saw this 929 Hardtop:

    And then I thought; why won't I buy one..? I love Mazda's, would love nothing more to keep them on the road so why not? So I went to check out that red one but it was in poor state and some other guy bought it a day after my visit. But then I saw on the internet a 929 facelift that I already saw on a Mazda Classic meeting in 2003. I went to see the car and bought it.. my first car!

    Yeah those alloys were already on it. The licenseplates are ugly.. I know.. thats why I've put oldtimer plates on it. The car was from feb. 1978 but only cars before 1978 could have oldtimer plates but I didn't care

    (Civic was of my twinbrother. That was his first car too)

    The car wasn't perfect but the outside almost was.. these spots were the only ugly ones..



    So far so good.. I loved the car. I drove quite well actually and the reactions on the streets were very cool! But all good things come to an end.. the car had to go through an check (every car have to be checked every year if everything is allright with the car. Otherwise you can't go on the streets with it!). And the car didn't made it. I was so stupid to buy a car that looked great on the outside but it needed work ķnder the car

    And then things got worse; I moved to Rotterdam and 2 cars parket there car into mine.. offcourse no note with a phonenumber. The frontbumper was messed up a bit. So my car wasn't safe at that spot. So I drove the car tot my moms place....

    Seat Leon and Toyota MR2 of my twin, my 929, my moms Mazda3 and her husbands 307. You can understand that my mom wasn't really happy with the situation. 5 cars in front was way too much.

    I was planning to get my car ready for restauration with a friend and friends of him but it just didn't happen. Or they had no time or I had no time and my mom wanted my car to go somewhere else... so what should I do..? I decides to sell it. I honestly cried all day when I made that decision

    A guy bought it who knew my car of several Mazda Classic meetings. He has a shop together with his brother (who has a great looking red RX-2). I know he was planning to make a RX-4 of my 929 and they've painted the car green. I haven't seen any pictures though. I sold my car on 21 October 2006

    Here in better shape when I bought it...

    Now I live in Amsterdam and if you live there you will need a bike and not a car And I'm still a student so I'm carless now... well atleast I go home from time to time and drive in my moms Mazda3

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    Mazdafarians unite! Welcome, Ahura! Nice Zoroastrian reference there . As always, I'm curious about the nostalgic car scene from faraway places. Are there a lot of old Japanese cars in the Netherlands? Any shows? You 929 looked really clean. It sucks that you had to sell it, but at least it went to a good home.

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    Nice Zoroastrian reference there
    Finally someone who understands it [edit: my nickname was Ahura]

    It sucks that you had to sell it, but at least it went to a good home.
    Indeed. Ah well.. it was a big risk offcourse. Being a student with hardly any technical backgrounds. Atleast I could enjoy the car for a while and learned from it

    As always, I'm curious about the nostalgic car scene from faraway places. Are there a lot of old Japanese cars in the Netherlands? Any shows?
    As far as I know there is a "Japan Classic Sunday" meeting every year. The Toyota club here made that possible. And there is a Nippon Classic Cars club. They do some things too: Too bad they have such crappy websites. The same for the Mazda Classic website: On my own website you can find 4 Mazda Classic meetings:

    There was a Mazda club in The Netherlands called Hadi Mazda Club and was quite famous for a car club. But that stopped some years ago because of financial issues. Such a shame.. they had some very nice meetings (never been there though, I just heard of it when I was making my website hehe)

    I will ask some people about some other meetings like the Japanese Classic Car Show in the US or like a lot of meetings in Australia: But the scene isn't so big in The Netherlands. You mostly see old MG's, Opels, CitroŽns, VW Beetles, Mini's and Volvo's here...

    Thanks btw

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    929 coupe

    That was a really sweet looking 929 coupe.
    Its a real pity you had to sell Ahura
    Spotted this recently when doing a Google search for RX-4/929 Coupes.
    It looked very tidy

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    AT for VC

    What AT used with engine VC?
    Please write on

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    can anyone tell what is the color of the car (more specific .. the code color) ? kinda interested with it 8)

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    Sorry I don't know

    I forgot about this website.. sorry :P I'm working on a history page for my website and I was looking for good pics of old Mazda's. Very hard to find. I just made pics with my mobile of the brochures..

    An update; the owner who bought my car painted it RX-4 green, put the original wheels on it and the chrome around the headlights is tinted a bit. I much more prefer the stylish brown and don't like that tinted chrome but overall I'm glad my car is still alive

    The website is still horrible but nice pics of old Mazda's in The Netherlands:

    I never go to these meetings anymore though.. I'm too busy with my Zoom-Zoom Club :P For my other website I renew the history (global) page. Its Dutch but you can enjoy the pictures:


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