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Thread: Tips on Shining Up Aluminum

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    Tips on Shining Up Aluminum

    So, there are rough spots on the aluminum rim shell I have. Not gouges, but imperfections like someone tried to fix it but never shined it up, smooth it out. Any tip on how to clean it up? Can it be sanded?

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    Re: Tips on Shining Up Aluminum

    Flitz paste with a buff ball or eagle1 never dull and lots of elbow grease, also I would sand with a very fine grit like 2000 before polishing

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    Re: Tips on Shining Up Aluminum

    ^ what he said. I like "mothers" products myself, but everyone pretty much makes the same polishing ball. The name of the game is patience and elbow grease. I like to. Start off with the polishing ball, then manual polish with a rag. The polishing balls are nice, but imo, polishing by hand is always better, no homo.

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