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Thread: 76 DL Reno Pick n Pull

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    76 DL Reno Pick n Pull

    Hey I've been reading this forum for a couple years. I don't own a nostalgic subaru (I own a 94 legacy)but I was raised in them and have always been a huge fan, which is why I love this forum because I can live vicariously through others until I get one of my own.I've been following Kostamojen's ff1 build since some one posted the pictures of it at the susanville junkyard. Susanville is about 45 minutes away from me and I was in the process of getting a truck and trailer together to go get it when kostamojen got it, although its probable better that he got it because I don't have the resources to restore it as well as he has and he has done a beautiful job. Anyways I was at the Reno/Sparks NV Pick n Pull a couple of days ago and saw a 76 DL there that should not have been there. The body had very little rust and just a few small dents but the interior was absurd. The driver seat only had minor damage the back seat was in mint condition it looked like no one had ever sat in it. The car seems like one of those classic one owner only driven to church and then parked in the garage type of thing,it still had the original exhaust system completely intact with those weird heat shields with the holes in it around the exhaust tip. It broke my heart to see it there, probably someone passed away and no one wanted to deal with the car so they just dumped it.I wanted it so bad, The engine, transmission, radiator and every thing was still there. The Pick n Pull jabbed a hole through the floor board into the gas tank to drain it lazy bastards.I had just bought new tires and a bunch of other stuff so I didn't have any extra money but if there is anyone that lives in that area it would be worth it to pull some stuff,(or the whole car) even if for other board members. Thanks JNC is awesome!!

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    Re: 76 DL Reno Pick n Pull

    Thanks for the comments about my build

    I saw like a 73 or 74 coupe or hardtop (don't remember which) at the Carson City pick and pull like 6 years ago that was in pristine shape. It didn't belong there either, I did snag a few engine parts off of it cause the car seemed to have just had some major maintenance.

    I really really hate seeing cars in such good shape at pick n pulls I hope someone can save that one. Repairing a fuel tank isn't too complicated (or expensive) of ordeal either.

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