I know this isnt specifically nostalgic.. but, I thought you guys might want to come out

THE MEXICAN STANDOFF. Mineral Wells Airport, June 25, 2011. Round 2 of the Lone Star Drift Series.

The best Texas drifting has to offer will be fighting over $2500 and the chance to drive in Formula Drift 2012. Drivers will be arriving from all over the state, and a bit beyond, bringing heavily modified drift cars with them. The first round of the Lone Star Drift Series had a fantastic turnout, with a full field of caged cars competing for $2000, and we are upping the prize money with rounds two and then again with round three ( to be announced shortly ). This round will feature a harder, faster course than the previous round, with more potential for carnage and destruction! Come bare witness to amazingly aggressive driving put on by our locals. See V8 imports, turbo inline sixes, and crazy 4 bangers all mix it up! But most of all, come see our drivers lay it all on the line! Spectators should arrive around 10 am, and the event will go on till just before dark. Spectators should also bring helmets if they have them to ride along with the drifters on course! This is competition is for $2500 and the chance for an FD license!

Entry fee for competition, $75. All comp drivers MUST preregister by June 20th at midnight by paypal-ing $75 + 3% to erinshill at gmail.com
Entry fee to just drive with no competition, $50. Non comp drivers to pay at the gate.
Spectator fee, $10. This is paid at the gate only.

1. All competition cars must have a full roll cage.
2. All drivers must have a helmet.
3. All convertibles must have at least a roll bar to drive, even practice.
4. Points for the series will be awarded and will go towards grand prize of cash at the end, as well as towards 3 Formula D 2012 drift licenses.

Drivers are to arrive by 9 am, driving starts at 9:45. Competition starts at 3 pm. Competition will be judged most likely by a combination of Aaron Losey, Chelsea Denofa, and Derrick Rogers. Any two of those 3 will be judging.

There will be piņata smashing for the children along with other activities going on.
There will be awesome tandem and big cash payout.

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All media that wishes to get on course will need to contact Aaron Losey to gain credentials to get on track for photos and video. This is to assure that there aren't too many people out there in the way, and simplify things for the media.