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Thread: Alignment Settings care to share?

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    Alignment Settings care to share?

    Yesterday, I took the c10 to get an alignment as it was way overdue. I'm wondering what settings other c10/c110 owners are running? Actually anyone with a Jnc who cares to share specs please do.

    Initially the owner didn't want to do my car as he said the car was too low. Quickly told him I'd remove the chin spoiler as it would only take a few minutes.

    Making some adjustments

    Almost done


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    Re: Alignment Settings care to share?

    ahhh yes i know where that is haha surprised they told you the car might be too low..coming from the other cars they align that i know about

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    Re: Alignment Settings care to share?

    What shop did you end up going to? I need to have my alignment done as well.

    Thank you-

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    Re: Alignment Settings care to share?

    That was me today also. I was calling around also.

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