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Thread: Mazda Rx-3/808/818 tow hitch

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    Mazda Rx-3/808/818 tow hitch

    Look what I found in the trunk - a hitch for a 808 or Rx-3. Wild. Its got two bolts that connect to the bottom of the spare tire well and two that connect to the license plate holder. I can't imagine it would rated for much weight. I don't think I'll ever put it on but interesting piece. I wonder if it is a factory piece or after market. I suppose it could even be homemade as well.

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    My Rx3 coupe had one fitted, similar sort of design except the back of it connected to the rear of the spare wheel tub, a little longer design wise. I've since welded up the holes in the boot floor. I wpildnt know if either yours or mine is a genuine Mazda part. My guess would be aftermarket.

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